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"I absolutely love this site. I have been to the Excelsior Workshop which was not a teaching workshop and I walked away still unsure of myself. I took Sherri Taylor's workshop which was super and felt much more confident. She is a great teacher. Having this online workshop helps cement what I have already learned by being able to review it again and again. I have read that it takes seven times to hear something before it really sticks. I do believe that is true. Even though I practice in my sims lab, it is of great benefit to be able to come back and review the video to make sure all critical elements were met properly. This is a great tool to be added to my tool belt to pass the CPNE. God bless all of you for your hard work and caring attitude."

‐Leslie Almroth


I also want to take advantage of the CPNE Study Pack for $37.00

This pack includes the down-loadable copy of the CPNE Study Guide and down-loadable CPNE Flash Cards. This pack is usually valued at over $60.00! This is a one time offer. Once you leave this page you will never see this offer again!

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There is no contract. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with CPNE Workshop Online contact us and we will cancel your membership immediately. You can contact us at You must send your cancelation email atleast 72 hours before your re-bill date.

Some Happy Customers...

"Thank you so much for the experience and the preparation. You didn't sugar coat anything and that's appreciated. I feel a lot more confident and ready to take this thing on."

-Desiree T

"I like the fact that you were willing to "tell it like it is." I wanted my Careplans to be brutally critiqued, I wanted the skills to be "nit-picked." I wanted my assessments to be looked at with an evaluators eye. I think that this was accomplished. I feel it was worth every penny I paid, the time I spent and the energy expended. Thank you Mrs. Taylor!!"

-Michael P.

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